Business Advisor

When you need the regular involvement of an accountant or business specialist but can’t justify an employee or find the right person

We offer a range of solutions to help you gain more control over your business. Depending on your needs we can provide a solution suited to the current position of your business including:

  • outsourcing your whole accounting operation
  • being your financial controller / finance manager
  • providing business mentoring

Outsourced Accounting

In the early stages of your business it can be more efficient outsourcing your whole accounting function rather than trying to employ part-time or full-time staff. The benefits of an outsourced accounting solution include:

  • guaranteed Service Levels
  • potential cost savings
  • staff backup
  • staff review and technical support
  • all levels of expertise available

Financial Controller / Finance Manager

As you grow you will need more than just bookkeeping and GST return preparation. Our Financial Controller service provides you with the experience of a qualified accountant as and when you require. We can provide a fixed price option so you don’t get hit with any surprise bills. Typical services include:

  • reviewing results and questioning performance
  • forward planning to avoid business growing pains
  • monitoring and forecasting tax and capacity issues
  • structural, growth and financing issues and assistance


Business Mentoring & Virtual Boards

Business can be a lonely place and it can be hard to get the ongoing advice and support you need. Our mentoring or virtual board programmes involve regular meetings where we help you:

  • set goals for your business
  • discuss performance and work with you to set actions to improve results
  • go through each element of your business to see how things could be done better